Purses and Clutch bags
Painted Kimono

Vintage Kimono Purse


Contemporary silk shibori clutch

Contemporary Shibori Clutch


Contemporary Red Kimono Clutch

Contemporary Kimono Clutch

Clutch bags currently available for purchase

Purse & necklace combinations
Red and Black Purse

Vintage kimono purse


Silver and Red Necklace

Silver and Coral Necklace


Purse, Shawl and Necklace

White Wedding Kimono purse

Contemporary wedding kimono purse


White Jade and Silver Necklace

White jade and silver necklace


Natural-dyed, hand-painted Purse


Green Necklace

Vintage Glass Necklace


Shibori Purse

Contemporary shibori purse



Silver and flourite necklace


Purse and necklace combinations currently available: Purse and necklace combinations

Natural-dyed Silk Scarves
Model, scarf, clutch
Scarves and wraps currently available to purchase: Scarf/wraps and small scarves

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